360º Communication Plans including diverse disciplines such as Public Relations, Advertisement and Marketing.
Companies and financial institutions need communication professionals who understand communication as a global concept. This is the Medialuna vision: to establish specific objectives and to develop unique strategies using diverse disciplines. One of the strengths of Medialuna is a comprehensive vision of the company and the clients.

Product and Company Launching Campaigns
Medialuna has launched many international and national companies willing to find a place in the Spanish market by using effective communication. B2B plans, entrepreneurial events as well as fairs and sector conferences are some of the sources we use to launch firms from various sectors such as automobile, technology, health and consumer. Media relations including organizing value interviews in different media, developing special media visibility plans for managers and opinion leaders, are part of our strategies aimed to boost awareness on products and companies.

Visibility Plans for Managers and Companies
Printed, online, audio and written media, and at national, international, regional and local level, define the work of Medialuna on a daily basis. The members of the Medialuna team have proven expertise in creating engaging contents and they understand in depth how the Spanish media works and they are familiar with the media operation. In fact, Medialuna has managed thousands of interviews with journalists from many regions and different business sectors.